• Emma Eggleston

Six Non-Negotiable Traits to Look for In a Guy

Before you start dating any guy, make sure he has these qualities.

1. Strong Work Ethic

While you don't want to be in a relationship with a workaholic, it's important to find a guy that is ambitious and motivated. Your relationship will be more enjoyable if you both have hopes and dreams to discuss and work towards. Moreover, he'll likely be more supportive of you following your dreams if he has some of his own.

Another thing to keep in mind is that relationships require dedication and hard work. Somebody who is lazy will not be able to put in the effort required to make a relationship succeed.

2. Uses Encouraging Words

Observe how a guy talks to the people around him. Is he constantly saying rude comments or criticizing others? Or is he building others up? A guy may say a lot of nice things to you, but if he has a habit of bringing others down - run. The truth is, in every relationship, the honeymoon phase wears off. If your significant other hasn't made a practice of speaking words of encouragement before the honeymoon phase ends, then he'll likely start talking to you the way he talks to everyone else.

3. A Good Sense of Humor

Never date a guy that takes himself too seriously. It's no fun and when things don't go his way, he won't be able to bounce back. Be with someone who can make you laugh.

4. Treats His Family Well

Many young guys don't see eye-to-eye with their parents, but that's no excuse for them to mistreat their family. At some point in every relationship, there will be a disagreement. How a guy treats his parents even when he disagrees with them is a clue into how he will treat you someday when you disagree.

5. Takes Care of Himself and His Things

If a guy struggles to take care of himself, he's not going to be able to take care of you. Constant irresponsibility should be a red flag to anyone looking for a mature relationship.

6. Respects Other Women

It is critical that a guy not only respects you, but respects all other women. Take any even remotely sexist remarks he makes into serious consideration. Listen to see how he talks to and addresses other women. Finally, make sure he never puts down any woman because of her appearance, lifestyle, womanhood or any other reason.

Thanks for reading this list of the six non-negotiable traits to look for in a guy. We hope you consider these when thinking about whether a guy might be a good fit. Remember to always make relationship decisions that are best for your mental, emotional, and physical health. đź’›

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